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Hi World!

This is my first post on my blog. I’m a recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business management (with honors, I might add). However, business is boring and I discovered my true talent, writing about business! I love to research new topics and write about my findings in a fun and interesting format. It makes the boring business world a little less so, to me at least. I hope I will inform, teach, and possibly entertain my followers by my posts. I not only am a recent graduate but also have 25 years experience in managing small businesses. Yes, I was an older student.  But, with my years of experience, wisdom, and a degree, I believed I can do anything. Regardless of age.

Reality set in. Baby boomers like me are struggling to find jobs, much less start a new career. Age discrimination is very alive and well in this country’s youth-obsessed society. It’s the “acceptable” discrimination in our country and the most difficult to prove. Many younger people I know assume just because a person has lived past 50 they have a nest egg stashed somewhere. Me? Had a good amount of money in a 401k until 2010. Had a great job with a growing company for 10 years. Scenario of catastrophes ensued. First, the owner dies. Fight between the owner’s widow, general manager, and deceased owner’s father drags on for a year. The uncertainty of ownership kept the employees on edge, lowering morale, productivity and thereby detrimental to the company’s growth.  After months of waiting, the court ruled in favor of the widow. Then, another grueling transitional period began. To make a long story short (I will go into more detail in another post, this story deserves a dedicated post!) After a hostile takeover by a “silent” partner, the company failed within months. The battling participants assisted in the termination of 100+ employees and the loss of a once viable and profitable business. Sad. But, happens more often then most people suspect in small businesses. Family gets involved, it’s all over.


I have held many jobs during my working years but I’ve never had such a difficult time finding a good job worth holding onto. Granted, I did quit my last job but that’s another story. It may be that I’m older and tolerate less bull or my expectations are too high. Either way, my work history since 2010 is a spotty mess.
I’m trying to find work online because I’m so tired of commuting, office politics, and crazy coworkers. I’ve worked somewhere for the last 40 years and simply tired of the crap one finds when interacting with others in the workplace. Don’t get me wrong, I like people. But tired of playing the games of survival called kiss-ass, pampering egos, and being someone I’m not to keep a horrible job I hate.
Shouting to the universe and venting frustrations against the machine.